Class 10th and 12th CBSE sample papers
cbse board sample papers
Thursday, Jul 2, 2020
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board sample papers


 Q1.What is

PracticePapers is an e-learning resource web-portal that intends to make your learning experience more interesting and engaging by providing quality multimedia rich interactive learning content as online courses. Just by signing up, and choosing the packages offered, you can access the learning content that you prefer anytime from anywhere.

 Q2.What all does Practicepapers offer?

Practicepapers is an online educational support system for Indian students. It is based on the NCERT curriculum. It helps students to go through our products and enhance their learning with the help of our student-focused offerings viz. Smart Brief (e-learning content, chapter-wise), Multiple Choice Questions (for quick revision and assessment, chapter-wise), Drill Exercises (for practice questions) and Model Practice Papers (covering the entire syllabus).

 Q3.Who can become the member of Practicepapers?

Students who wish to get an educational support alongwith their normal studies can become the members.

 Q4.Is registering on Practicepapers free? Do I pay for it?
No, you do not have to pay for registration. Registration is absolutely FREE. You only pay if you make a purchase.
 Q5.How can I Register at Practicepapers?

To be a part of Practicepapers, one has to go through a simple registration procedure, which is absolutely free of cost, by simply going through the following procedures:

  • Open website
  • Click on “Register” on the top right side
  • A registration form pops in front of you
  • Fill in the required details
  • Once completed, you now become a registered member of Practicepapers.
 Q6.What is the procedure to get started when faced with logging problem?

When faced with constant logging problem, please try the following suggestions, which might be of your help:

  • Check for any typing error while entering your email address and password.
  • Try using the Forgot Password. Give your username and the password will be emailed to you. 
 Q7.How do I start using Practicepapers?

It’s very simple to access the products and services of Practicepapers. You just need a computer and an Internet connection and go by the following steps to use the products and services of Practicepapers:

  • Go to
  • Avail free registration and become a member
  • Purchase the available packages through online or offline payment or the options mentioned in the web portal
  • Log in to and go to your personalized DashBoard, and start using our products.
 Q8.How do I change my Practicepapers password?

For changing your Practicepapers password, follow the suggested guidelines:

  • Sign in to your Practicepapers account
  • Search for “Settings” box in the DashBoard.
  • Click on "Change Password".
  • "Change Password" screen will appear in front of you
  • You will find three options. Type your old (current) password in the first option.
  • In the second and third options, type in your new preferred password that you would like to use.
  • Click on "Submit" which will instantly change the password.
 Q9.I’m having problems while viewing/accessing Smart Brief/Smart MCQ’s. What should I do?

Your system might not have the required Adobe Flash Player. This might be one of the reasons that you are facing difficulty in viewing our online services. To resolve the problem, please Click Here and download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Still, having the problem - Mail us at, with specific details like class, username, email and package details. Also, If possible, give the Order Number generated during purchase process (not mandatory).

 Q10.I’m having problems while downloading Drill Exercises/Model Practice Papers. What should I do?

In case of facing a problem while downloading question papers, please follow the given procedures:

  • Send us an email on
  • Give specific details such as your class, username, email and package details.
  • If possible, give the Order Number generated during purchase process (not mandatory)

With these details, we will be able to look into the matter more accurately and will then revert to you with the apt solution.

 Q11.What is a package?

The packages are defined by Practicepapers ensuring quality educational services to students craving for academic excellence. It provides study support to students of various classes and gives access to services like Smart Brief, Drill Exercises and Model Practice Papers, and many more to come.

You can choose to buy, for each subject, Smart Brief, Drill Exercises and Model Practice Papers, individually or collectively, depending upon your choice.

 Q12.How can I join as an expert at Practicepapers?

The first step to join Practicepapers as an expert is to send us a resume. Send us your resumes at

 Q13.How do I contact Practicepapers when faced with certain problem?

When faced with any problem, please contact Practicepapers by sending us an email at
You can even contact us by calling us on +91-9958946600

 Q14.How can I ask questions/ queries from the Subject Experts?

In order to ask questions/ need any clarifications, write to us at or we also propose to hold certain chat sessions with our experts at specific time for individual subjects. Keep visiting the website regularly for updates.

 Q15.How can I give a feedback?

You can go to the feedback page and write to us for any suggestions/clarifications.